A Flwssly gift certificate is a versatile way to make a nice gift.

How and where to buy a gift certificate?
You can buy and use a gift certificate in Flawlessly Pop-Up stores:
Kyiv, "Mandarin Plaza" shopping center, 4th floor
Lutsk, shopping center "PortCity", 2nd floor,
or by phone number 067-555-33-22.


• Gift certificates enable the bearer to purchase goods in Flawlessly stores or on flwssly.com from the assortment and at the prices valid in the stores at the time of presentation.
• The validity period of the Gift Certificate is indicated on the certificate.
• If the value of the product exceeds the nominal value, the difference must be paid additionally using any of the available payment methods offered by the store.
• If the amount of the purchase is less than the face value of the gift certificate, the rest will not be issued.
• The gift certificate cannot be returned or exchanged.
• In the case of returning the product that was paid for with a Gift Certificate, the cost of the product is not returned in cash. The corresponding amount can be used to purchase another product from the available assortment in the store.
• The cashier of the store has the right to refuse to use the Gift Certificate in case of doubts about its authenticity or the presence of significant mechanical damage. To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend that you keep the receipt that is issued when purchasing the certificate
• It is possible to use several certificates in one check.
• The purchase of a Gift Certificate indicates the buyer's agreement with the above rules.

Gift from Flwssly!
The owner of the gift certificate has a discount - 10% on the new collection of brands STAND STUDIO, THE LOOM, Missing You Already, Le 17 September, Anouki (which do not have a seasonal discount or do not participate in promotions)

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